At Agmis we stand side by side with you when it comes to digital transformation of your business.

From tailored Salesforce solutions to advanced Computer Vision applications, we enable companies to harness the capabilities of innovative technologies for their business needs.

Our solutions power businesses in more than 30 countries on five continents.

Being in business for 12 years, we strive to make our company a great workplace. This results in low employee churn rate, close well-bonded teams and motivated fun-loving people doing great work on a daily basis. There’s 60+ of us in-house can we rely on more than 500 ELIT IT cluster partner staff to make things happen.

Excellence is our standard; reliability is our policy. And innovations are our drive!


CVEDIA creates commercial-grade machine learning models for computer vision applications where data is limited or not available. Built using proprietary synthetic data technology, our solutions are robust and benchmarked - and each one comes armed with a performance report designed by data scientists, as well as an ongoing maintenance agreement. CVEDIA works with over 30 of the largest companies on the planet on their most complex deep learning projects, dramatically reducing project timelines, data bias, and training requirements. Contact us to learn more about our technology.

Key resource: AWS Marketplace: CVEDIA

Your business changes and evolves, and we believe the automation must keep pace with it. Here at Dynamic AI56 we figure out how we can improve your business communication with minimally invasive effort. We are focused on providing of complex integrated solution, so we study how your employees use various communication tools across departments of your company.

Key features
  • 3-15 secs response time on automated cases with 95%+ precision
  • Self-learning feature
  • Routing to right persons based on content
  • Enhancement of brand management analytics
  • Data path free from third-parties strengthening security
  • Channel-independent architecture
  • Strict precision control with prediction of right answer probability
  • 3 samples per category vs. 1,000 on Deep Learning"

Key resource: AWS Marketplace: Dynamic AI Demo Model


GTRIIP is a digital identity platform for global citizens, allowing them to validate user identity with a selfie on smartphones and access commercial properties. The product uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically verify photo IDs and owners. GTRIIP serves over 13,000 hotel rooms and office access points and the patented software has completed over 1 million check-ins globally.

Mphasis applies next-generation technology to help enterprises transform businesses globally. Customer centricity is foundational to Mphasis and is reflected in the Mphasis’ Front2Back™ Transformation approach. Front2Back™ uses the exponential power of cloud and cognitive to provide hyper-personalized (C=X2C2 TM=1) digital experience to clients and their end customers. Mphasis’ Service Transformation approach helps ‘shrink the core’ through the application of digital technologies across legacy environments within an enterprise, enabling businesses to stay ahead in a changing world. Mphasis’ core reference architectures and tools, speed and innovation with domain expertise and specialization are key to building strong relationships with marquee clients.


Prosper Insights & Analytics is a global leader in consumer intent data serving financial services, marketing technology, retail and marketing industries. We provide global authoritative market information on US and China consumers via curated insights and analytics. By integrating Prosper's unique consumer data with a variety of other data, including behavioral, attitudinal and media, Prosper helps companies accurately predict consumers' future behavior and optimize marketing efforts and improve the effectiveness of demand generation campaigns.

Quantiphi is a category defining Applied Al and Big Data software and services company, driven by the desire to solve transformational problems at the heart of business. Our applications leverage machine learning to forge a greater understanding of the cognitive processes that guide your business. These solutions decipher data in surprisingly human ways: through sight, sound, speech, natural language and pattern recognition. Through cutting-edge Al, we help make your products smarter, your customer experience frictionless, and your processes autonomous while uncovering anomalies, threats, and risks that make your business safer. Our signature approach combines groundbreaking machine-learning research with disciplined cloud and data-engineering practices to create breakthrough impact at the unprecedented speed. We are true believers in Al's potential to overcome the most complex business challenges and to redefine what's possible.


VITech Lab is the R&D department of VITech, and our mission is to fulfill business necessities in fast and efficient processes digitalization. We provide businesses with readily available AI solutions for complex objectives concerning security & worker safety, process optimization, sales&marketing automation, etc. Being pre-trained and ready to use, our machine learning models empower businesses to resolve challenges in weeks, not months.